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Solitaire is fun but don't you ever get tired of losing? Here at have we got a deal for you: all the games are winnable! Play Solitaire free online, and with a little practice you too can win most of your games. It's just more fun. It's more about skill than just pure luck. Join the legions of self-actualizing folks who are living their dreams and winning solitaire every day!

And scores... what about scores? Well scores just make things more interesting and even a bit competitive. We keep huge lists of scores and stats for all the best solitaire players on the 'net. See how your painstakingly honed solitaire skills stack up against those other focused goal-oriented people who think they're the king/queen of solitaire. Who's your daddy now!

Special thanks to Eric Sink for the idea for Winnable Solitaire and for the software underpinnings of the amazing DealMeister™ 2000 which guarantees that every hand is winnable. Eric is a titan among software developers, and you can learn more about Eric by reading his frequently updated Weblog. Thanks Eric!

Tue Apr 22
 30 COTC
 25 Obama-Bin-Lyin
 23 notnowimbusy
 22 mars55991
 17 marazoni
 15 mightynick
 13 Bemerbobby
 13 rlongmd
 13 BigJoe
 12 johnssaga
Congrats, COTC!

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